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Are You Listening To Online Radio Yet?

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Internet radio has come a very long way in a very short time

A few years back, most of us had never heard of it. Some listened very sparingly to the short 'Real Audio' broadcasts that sounded worse than a tin can telephone system! Now with high-speed Internet and faster computers, Internet radio has matured quite a bit and in my opinion is much better than your traditional local radio stations for many reasons. The best reason I can give you is that most are commercial free!!! Some don't even have DJ's and just broadcast music all day. Did you know that the player you use now on your computer to listen to your CDs or even MP3s is likely ready to stream radio to your home right now? Software like Windows Media Player, Real Audio, WinAmp, and so on all have the ability to deliver radio from a multitude of online sources. Inside the Windows Media Player window you can search a long list of available radio stations that are currently broadcasting live online.

WinAmp takes it a step further with their Shoutcast service where they allow you not only to listen to thousands of different channels, but you have the ability to start a broadcast yourself. Imagine that you can now tune into the broadcast of someone that has similar taste as yourself and the possibilities for discovering new and great music genres are endless.

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