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Backup Your Files Using USB Flash Drive

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USB Flash Drives Are Small and Convenient for File Backups

Most computers sold in the last few years include a new kind of connection to the computer called USB which stands for Universal Serial Bus. There are currently two specifications for USB, the original USB1 and the new, faster USB2. You can connect USB1 to USB2 ports without any worries, but if you connect a USB2 device to a USB1 port, you will lose all the speed advantages of your new device as it will be limited to USB1 speeds. Many devices can connect to the USB ports including mice, keyboards, printers, web cams and this month's feature gadget: the USB Key (or Flash Drive).

Sold in different sizes from ranging from 512mb all the way to the +16GB huge capacity key. It's the size of your thumb if not smaller and allows you to transfer documents, pictures, music, and all kinds of data from computer to computer on the fly.

Take Your USB Flash Drive With You On The Go

Use these gadgets to backup files on one computer and then easily transfer them to your computer in a few minutes. We all know that we can't send very large files over email and some people do not have CD burners in their computer, so problem as you can now insert your tiny key sized USB flash drive into their computer, copy the files to it and take the files home to copy them back onto your computer. Erase the files on the USB flash key and you are ready to start over again with more information. The best place to keep your USB flash drive would be on your key chain so that you always have it accessible at anytime.

Everyone you know most likely has a computer or two so having the USB drive with you at all times will become handy if you ever want to bring some files back to your own computer. You may be interested in getting some music, pictures, jokes or even work related documents from one computer to another.

Email is not really the solution when you have many files to transfer because it would take too much time and be counter-productive. Instead, you simply plug your USB flash key into the USB port on your computer and start copying files to the device.


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