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Control Seagulls And Pigeons With Robop

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Finally A Real Solution To Controlling Pesky Bird Populations

Invented in Scotland, this robot bird called Robop which stands for Robotic Bird of Prey has been helping control the bird population for the better part of a decade. Made to order, most large installations will require several bases and a couple of Robop's which will allow flexibility and covering a very large area. The bird is so effective that when put in place you can see in no time that it has been cleared of all birds and as soon as the batteries run down or Robop breaks down, they all return. The wings flap, the head turns, the bird turns to face the wind, legs on springs gives slight rocking motion, makes a peregrine falcon call which is the premier bird of prey.

The peregrine falcon eats all kinds of small animals and the fear is instant when birds see and hear one near them. Even though this bird is quite rare, the fact that it is so fast and attacks small and large birds makes it a formidable opponent.

Discovery Channel Made A Documentary About Robop

What else can you say about that kind of free promotion? The product is so unique and works so well that the Discovery Channel made a documentary about this unique's that for a recommendation that the product actually works? Robop is currently mostly being used by large companies and organizations as it is an industrial product not made for home use.

The perfect client for Robop would be locations like buildings, airports, shopping centers, visitor attractions, car dealerships, schools, farms, warehouses, city property and the list of possibly locations goes on and on.


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