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Keyboard Shortcut | Find Keywords

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Quickly Search and Find Keywords on Long Text Pages

So you have typed something into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and now are looking at one of the result pages. Most of the text on the page is likely not necessary to your research, so skip the tedious manual scanning by using the built-in search function. Click on EDIT in the FILE menu and then FIND, a box will open, allowing you to enter your keyword. You can save time if you do this often by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + F which will open the SEARCH box. Find Keywords Up or Down You can continue searching the rest of the page for the same keyword by clicking the NEXT button which will jump and highlight the next word it finds.

Otherwise, search will let you know it is finished looking and could not find any other instances of the word. This sure beats skimming the page manually which takes up way too much of your valuable time. Now that I have shown you how to search for keywords inside Internet Explorer you can use this same CTRL + F keyboard shortcut on about just any other Windows program. For example, if you have a long text document, the find shortcut will scan your entire document for the keyword and this works in Notepad, MSWord and any other text editor you may be using. If you are in need of searching a document, give this shortcut a try.


Find Keywords inside Documents CTRL + F



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