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Keyboard Shortcut Undo Your Mistakes and Changes

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Use the Undo function when you want to cancel your changes

You are in the middle of writing an important document and you decide to try something with the formatting and then...oh, wait, can't be, nooooooo it's all ruined, what happened? Argh! Relax. Don't worry too much about what you just did because now you will know the power of UNDO. The keys that enable this function are the 'CTRL' key and the 'Z' key. The trick will work in about 96% of all Windows programs you use. Some programs even remember more than one level of UNDO, letting you go back several steps.

For example, you make bold a sentence, then underline it, then italicise it and finally color it red. Hitting UNDO (CTRL+Z) will remove the red color. If the program supports many levels of UNDO, doing it again will effectively remove the italics, hit it once more and you remove the underline and so on. Now you no longer need to worry so much about trying new things with a program because you can always UNDO your last action. Remember that it is safer to actually save your document prior to trying anything you are unsure of ... even if UNDO works. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to computer files.


Undo the last action + Z



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