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Learn A Computer Term | Printer

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Every Printer Is Different and Price Should Not Matter

All printers are not alike and what may seem like a great deal at first glance may not be a deal at all. Printers and ink cartridges today can be compared to razors and razor blades. Companies give away the razor, but charge too much for the blades. The same happens with printers. You can buy a good printer for well under $100, but you can also expect to pay a lot more for your ink cartridges, losing any value you thought you were getting in the price of the printer. Some color ink cartridges can cost over $30 and some black ink cartridges as much as $40. Don't let the price of the printer be your guide in buying or you will regret it!

Calculate The True Cost Of A Printer Before Buying

To reflect the true cost of a printer, you need to take into account everything BUT the price of the printer. How fast is the printer? How many dots per inch are there? What is the cost of the ink? When finished, you should end up with a CPP (Cost per page). Your best bet in finding the CPP is to consult a published review of each printer you are considering. Have them do the work for you. To illustrate CPP, consider this: A cost per page of 15 cents on a $69 printer will quickly cost more than a $110 printer with a cost per page 07 cents.

How is this possible? If the cost of printing one page is 07 cents, then printing a pack of 500 sheets should cost about $35 in ink. The cheaper printer that uses 15 cents of ink for the same 500 pages will cost about $75 in ink. You actually save money by buying the more expensive printer and spending less on ink later.


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