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Organic market schools computer geek on tweeting... or do they?

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I recently tweeted about a great little crowd funding video that I saw and wanted to let the owner know so I sent an email and got a very prompt reply that went a little like this:
Thanks for reaching out, we'll definitely be in touch. Just a friendly suggestion, when you're tweeting you should include the handle of the person you're tweeting. I'll use your tweet about our video (thanks btw!) as an example.

What you wrote:
Watch excellent #crowdfunding video http:link-removed gets point across in an entertaining way (via @location-of-video) #mrtech #name-of-city

What would have reached a wider audience:
Watch the video for @video-owner @location-of-video campaign! http:link-removed #name-of-cityfood #name-of-citydt

This will not only get your message into our network (@video-owner) but also Owner of the Location where video was posted (@location-of-video). As it stands your tweet is not registering on our site because our handle (@video-owner) wasn't incorporated, so we can't retweet your awesome support.

Keep in mind too, that @location-of-video is not the same as @locationofvideo (one word). Also, by using a # like #name-of-cityfood and #name-of-citydt you're specifying the message to your target audience.

This is coming from a positive place and we want your campaign to succeed! Thanks for getting in touch with us, Stefan.
Better Tweeter Tips from MrTech
​I want to clarify that links and account names are removed on purpose as the subject of this post is not to pick on anyone or anyone's posting style. Instead, I thought what a great opportunity for me to offer a different take on twitter and tweeting styles. Here is my reply, again with all the names and links removed since they are not relevant to the example at hand:

... However it seems you and I have a very different way of using Twitter.

Your great instructions are way too specific for regular people to use. First, #location-of-video was auto added when I hit the tweet button so I assumed that's how it was to be used since I don't know the account name for sure. Also, you suggested I used @video-owner, again, assuming I knew or had the time to look up your Twitter username which I didn't.

Then you go on to say that #name-of-cityfood and #name-of-citydt would be better than #name-of-city and #crowdfunding? You must be very a uber user because I assure you that nobody knows that #name-of-cityfood and #name-of-citydt are actual tags that could be used. Well maybe the 300 people that use it all the time, but the rest of Name-of-City and the world barely registers the word (insert Airport code such as YYZ) as meaning Name-of-City, never mind figuring out that extra specific hash tags may exist. I didn't even know your were located downtown, and I never tweet about food so these two were not known to me. I would dare say that including the word #crowdfunding would attract better quality of visitor than both your #name-of-cityfood and #name-of-citydt which would limit the eyeballs that see your campaign.

You advice would work in a perfect world where everyone just knows how to use systems, but made, up hash tags are really just more useless fodder to cloud up an already information over-loaded public.

One more thing, your way of tweeting removes the message entirely (gets point across in an entertaining way) which is why I wanted folks to watch it in the first place. Once you remove those very important words, it just becomes another generic tweet that means nothing. My advice is worth a lot to my clients so if I say something many will look into it. 

Read some Marshall Mcluhan one day if you ever want to go deeper into communication with the outside world - the medium is the message!

I appreciate your input...

Were you able to figure out which way is better to tweet? I will even bet you have yet another way of tweeting that I did not cover here. If you do, comment below and let us know, love to hear your thoughts!

The answer is: there is no better way as the reply I got brings up some very valid points such as food tags I did not think of using. Removing my recommendation to watch the video because it's entertaining may cause some to skip the video. It's about finding a happy middle that works for you. Everytime a new tweet is posted, I usually pick up 1 or two new followers so I must be doing something half right?

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