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Save Gas, Skip The Video Store, Get Your Movies Online Legally

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I haven't seen the inside of a video store in several years

When the mood to watch a movie hits us, we don't have to rush out to the video store hoping that there is still something worth watching available for rent. We also don't subscribe to one of those movies in the mail services because then we are obliged to watch the movie before sending it back and who knows when the mood will strike us to watch a movie and who knows if it will be that one? You have to wait until the movie arrives and then you have to send it back when you are done before being able to order more movies.

Talk about lack of convenience and you don't want to know what happens if the disk you are sending back gets lost in the mail.

Getting movies the illegal way

If you have spent any amount of time on the Internet or have some Internet savvy friends, odds are you may have seen or even own a few bootleg copies of a movie. If you are really lucky, you didn't get a cam version and you got a screener copy which clearly tells you in big letters at the bottom that you should feel guilty if you are viewing this movie in your home. The message is distracting, but none the less, the movie is still watchable, but not with cam versions.

You get what you pay for and with a cam version it's not much more than a dark cinema with a shaky video that is most often cut off on the sides due to the cam not having the ability to record in widescreen. Yes, critics will argue it's the easiest and cheapest way to get and watch a new movie but at what cost? It takes money away from the movie industry and it's no fun to watch a movie when in the middle of a great part someone stands up to go get popcorn.

You think to yourself, nah, that didn't happen and as soon as you forget it, this same person comes back with a handful of popcorn, colas and candy for the entire this really what your movie going experience has become? You should consider getting your movies legally using Movies Capital.

Getting legal movies easily and when you need them

There is such a thing as a legal movie download service and they offer you all the movies you possibly would want to rent or own. The folks at Movies Capital are are always adding new movie selections so you won't be at a loss for finding new movies to add to your DVD collection because you can download and burn them at will! If you are familiar with some technical terms such as P2P (Peer to peer) this is not what that is. You might be familiar with some peer to peer networks that have a bad rap for illegal files such as Napster, Kazaa, Limewire and the latest kid on the block Torrents - this is not what this service has to offer.

All the movies are stored on their high speed secure servers and your membership gets you a no bandwidth, time and any other restrictions you can think of. Now, with this service you can download and burn these movies and grow your movie collection. How much better can it get when you not only get to avoid late fees, no need to return any movies and you get to keep them in your personal DVD collection.

I invite you to visit the Movies Capital website and see what they have to offer, I promise you will be impressed.


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