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Windows Has A Free Scientific Calculator

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The Windows Calculator Has Scientific Functions Built in

Sometimes you are in need of a calculator that is a bit more advanced than the one that comes with Windows. You don't need to install any extra software, simply open the good old windows calculator by clicking on START then PROGRAMS then ACCESSORIES and finally CALCULATOR.

So now the calculator is open and you have seen it before but it doesn't look like a scientific calculator so what now?

Click on the VIEW menu and the choose SCIENTIFIC and you will see the calculator grow and display all the SCIENTIFIC options you require. If you want to go back to the basic calculator, click VIEW and then STANDARD.

An interesting note about the calculator is that the version that comes with Windows 7 has had a make-over for the first time since the calculator was introduced. If you want a quicker way to open the calculator on any version of Windows, open the START menu and then type CALC in the text box.


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